Jane McNichol Profile

Vistas near and far

How did a girl from the Philadelphia suburbs, enamored
with vast open spaces, end up in Manhattan? Simply put,
New York City as an artist’s mecca drew me. Switching
elements in my life was not new. I got a B.A. in Studio Arts
from my hometown’s Temple University, then went to Rome,
studying with Tyler School of Art. When a MacDowell Fellowship
meant living in Peterborough, New Hampshire for three months,
I packed my easel once again. And still I travel.

Once I was a plein air painter, toting canvasses and other
paraphernalia to outdoor places that move me. Now I
work mostly from sketches, photographs and memory.

But just as the city constantly changes, so, too, does my painting.
Yet the thread that’s constant is the joy of light and color,
sometimes invigorating, sometimes serene.


Jane McNichol works in oil, ink and charcoal.